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Best Woodsball Paintball Gun

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 The Spyder 2012 Fenix Paintball Marker Gun is a very entry level but great woodsball gun for you if you are looking for a tactical looking paintball gun without the heaviness of those Tippmann markers. If you like the feel of an adjustable stock on your shoulder while playing and like to have tactical railing on your marker the Spyder Fenix is perfect for you! This one is much much lighter and more compact so it is perfect for the smaller players who are looking for a lighter setup when playing woodsball games! The benefit of this package is that you get everything you need to go out there and start wreaking Sh!#.

This is by far the greatest most relaible electronic paintball woodsball gun on the market today. The Phenom is a little heavier than most but has an electronic mode of full auto and 3 round burst. It also has a manual in the unlikely event your battery dies in the middle of the battlefield. Of course the Phenom is backed by the Tippmann brand’s reputation and durability. Featured with the gun is the Cyclone feeder system which allows the hopper to run off air in the tank. So long as you have air you have an operating hopper, unlike the regular hopper that if your batteries die, you are screwed! You want the best woodsball paintball gun, well here is one of them.

Probably one of the coolest Woodsball guns out is the Tiberius T15 Paintball Sniper Rifle. It offers the best feature for a sniper in the woods, the ability to shoot the Tiberius First Strike rounds out of a woodsball paintball gun that costs less than $1000. This woodsball paintball gun is magazine fed so you can shoot Tiberius First Strike Sniper Rounds out of the magazines and normal paintballs out of your hopper. The best part is that you are able to switch mid game in 2 seconds with a rotation of the barrel. Pretty Friggin cool huh. Above you will see to types. The first is the full package with extra mags, and the second is just the Gun alone.

The Tippmann A5 was and still is one of the most popular paintball woodsball guns ever. This woodsball gun was one of the first to allow the user full customization so you could add an adjustable car stock, red dot sites, an AK 47 look alike magainze, and pretty much anything else you can think of. With a toolless disassembly, this woodsball gun also ranks very high on the durability test. It’s super strong, aluminum build gives the woodsball gun strength for crawling in the woods when diving or hitting the ground hard. Main Features:

The Tippmann TiPX is by a longshot the best paintball woodsball pistol ever made. The gun itself is a bit expensive but for the performance and reliability you get with the TiPX it is well worth it. The gun allows for a couple upgrades. You can add longer barrels, and an adapter to run a hose to your back for your air tank so you don't have to reload your air every 15 shots. This a badass gun point blank. It's light weight and is a perfect support weapon. Your paintball woodsball gun opponents never seen you coming!

I will start this off by immediately saying this gun is expensive as F@#k, but so friggin worth it! The Dye Assault Matrix is by a long shot(literally and figuratively) the best woodsball paintball gun ever released in woodsball history. This woodsball gun looks real, feels amazing and fires the amazing First Strike round paintball. You can switch between magazine fed to hopper fed with just the slide of a switch. This allows you to use normal paintballs in your hopper and First Strike sniper rounds in your mags. If you don’t know what First Strike rounds are google them, you will be shocked! The price is a definitely on the expensive side but for the performance and nice gun carrying case that comes with it, this woodsball guns is worth every penny.

The Etha is most like a speedball paintball gun but with the modifications from Planet Eclipse they have created a  kit that just attaches right to the body turning this inexpensive speedball gun into a very lite weight woodsball gun. The tactical body system offers a railing to mount any of your favorite red/green dots or folding front grips!

The US Army Project Salvo Woodsball guns is the best Woodsball paintball gun in the under $200 price level. If you would like to constantly modify your woodsball paintball gun without spending a lot of money up front, this is the best woodsball paintball gun. You get the Tippmann durability with the great tactical look for under $200 which can't be beaten. With a budget under $200 this would be the best woodsball paintball gun to choose.

The Tippman Cronos is a great way to get into the more tactical side of woodsball guns. The Cronus is like the 98 custom on steriods. With the options to do some customizing of your own, you can really beef up this bad boy. Whoever owns this gun loves it, check out all the reviews. With all the extras that you can add to this, the possibilities are endless. For being a cheap Woodsball gun, this one is a no brainer for rookies and intermediate players who looking to up their game.

If you are a serious player or have ever been around serious players, chance are you have seen this bad guy in action. This is one of the best woodsball paintball guns that can deal out loads of paint fast. The Empire Axe features multiple firing modes so that you can unload with ease.

The Empire brand is a high quality brand that did not disappoint with this model. With the adjustable e trigger system, this woodsball gun gives you the edge whether your playing in a speedball game or woodsball game.  Due to it's quality, accuracy and power it has received quite a reputation for being one of the best paintball gun for woodsball.

Woodsball Guns: The Free World

Woodsball Paintball is such a great sport to play. It's awesomeness has no end. Every player is unique in there own way, all beginning with the type of woodsball guns they are using. Each player has a unique style of play and their paintball woodsball gun is supposed to compliment that style. With speedball guns, to sniper rifles, to tactical woodsball guns, there are many different types of markers for different types of play. The greatest part of it all is that they all can be used by players playing in a woodsball type of game.

It truly is a free world when playing in a woodsball game. Woodsball guns as stated above, come in all different varieties and forms. You truly feel as if you are at war. If you're a serious player then your inventory is probably stocked. If you're a not so serious player thee least you can do is prepare for a war. In these types of games you can use paintball grenades, paintball pistols, rifles, snipers, and any other type of paintball weaponry you can think of. That's the beauty of it. Woodsball guns have no end in type of guns that are available. So go out and kick some @$$.