Bolt Action Paintball Sniper Rifle

Welcome To Our Selection Of The Best Bolt Action Paintball Sniper Rifles.

Check out our selection down below of bolt action paintball sniper rifles. A bolt action paintball sniper rifle is a thing of beauty that if used properly can destroy your enemies on the paintball field. Some of these things can shoot up to 400 feet. 400FT! That is ridiculous. Imagine posting up on the field somewhere and just picking your targets off one by one. Well with a little bit of skills and the right paintball sniper rifle, that can easily be done. So have fun looking around and click any picture or caption for more details on that specific sniper rifle.

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This bolt action sniper rifle is the famous Tiberius Arms T9 Elite. It is not a force to be reckoned with, and it's user will demolish anyone in it's path. With Ranges of up to 60 yards, you can easily pick off targets on the paintball field. It's also great fun to set up targets and test your sniper abilities.

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Show up on the field with this bad boy right here and that's all she wrote. Your opponents won't even want to play with you. This bolt action paintball sniper rifle looks like it's ready to knock some heads off. If I were your opponent I would try my best to stay way out of your way. It's name extreme comes from 2 origins. First how dangerously extreme this gun is and second how extreme the price is haha.